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Vipassana meditation
Therapeutic Thai
acupressure massage
Vipassana meditation on the natural way

Release your body via the mind and relax your mind via your body.


Dhammanamai consists of two words: dhamma and anamai. Dhamma means nature. Everything is Dhamma. Not only the things we see with our physical eye, but also the things we see in our minds. A thought arises, then changes and passes away. It is simply a mental impression that arises and passes away. This is the real nature of the mind. It's a phenomenon of nature. Anamai means healthy. The key of a healthy life is balance. Balance will be reached when you release your body via the mind and relax your mind via your body. 

Do you have tried many ways to find healing for your (chronic) complaints, illness or pain without success until now? Or do you search for an addition to the classic medicine? I stimulate the self-curative abilities of your body and mind by therapeutic Thai acupressure massage

Are you stressed and not feeling well? Do you feel unhappy? Are you stuck in life? Do you struggle with anger, anxiety or low self-esteem? Do you want to discover new perspectives on issues in your life? Do you want to feel more peace? As a Buddhist life coach I learn you the vipassana meditation on a natural way which you can integrate in your daily life.


I'm looking forward to meet you and support you on your inner journey.



The treatment “therapeutic Thai acupressure massage” goes much further than massage. During the treatment I connect myself with your energy and listen to your life signals. Your body indicates me the blockages which I unblock with pressure and energy. I bring you back to your own nature.



Does your life move at a frenetic pace? Is your life full of stress? The speed at which we operate today is overwhelming. Meditation is the key to bring calm and stability in your life. It gives you not only serenity and inner calm but it has also an positive impact on your health.  

Courses and retreats

Tuesday evening

Vipassana meditation training

Do you also want more peace, focus and clarity in your mind? Meditation is the key for a meaningful and fulfilling life. Vipassana means insight. By practicing meditation, you can see the things as they really are. I offer you a way to discover vipassana on a natural way. You will experience many health benefits when you meditate. Meditation isn't about clearing your mind but on focusing on one thing long enough. Meditation is the key for a fulfilling and meaningful life.


Therapeutic Thai

acupressure massage

Do you want to know how you can treat complaints such as pain in the lower back, in the shoulder, in the neck or in the hip? Do you want to help people with headache, arthrosis or constipation? Do you want to learn how you can help people suffering from a burnout? You will learn all these aspects in the course "Therapeutic Thai acupressure massage". This course exists of two parts:

- Part 1: Thai anatomy and hermit stretching yoga

- Part 2: Treatments for acute and chronic complaints

The total course length is 12 days on 2 years. It's possible to follow one of the two parts. You receive a reduction of 150€ when you subscribe for part 1 and 2. 


5 days of Vipassana, silence and eutony

Would it be fantastic if you could get away for a few days and have some absolute peace and quiet? Being in a natural setting away from the city, work, stress and responsibilities can make a big difference. You will feel true peace and freedom when your inner and outer world are silent. Vipassana means insight. By practicing meditation, you see the things as they are. Eutony will help you to balance the tensions in your body and to move with ease. 

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