About me

I am Kung Naphat Paesuwan. I was born in 1963 in Thailand. My childhood was like that of an average child with one exception: I loved it to bring food to the monks in the temple. The desire to give is in my blood.  


First I studied “General sciences", followed by one year “Law”. I left soon the study “Law”. The fight spirit to achieve right for something or someone was nothing for me. I don’t like fighting. So I decided to study “Economics”. I completed this study with success and celebrated this with a holiday in Phuket. I loved this town and decided to stay in Phuket where I started my own restaurant. I became a cook chef. I love Thai cooking, which is one of the most balanced food. When my restaurant grew, I became a food supplier for other restaurants and finally I became a tofu producer. I was an entrepreneur. But after years it felt not good. As a business man you have to fight every day again with your competitors. My life was very hard and I was more than 2 years very ill. Was this life? 

In 1987 my life changed completely. I got interested in the Buddha doctrine, natural sciences and therapeutic Thai acupressure massages. I had the luck to be born in Thailand, the beacon of meditation and therapeutic Thai acupressure massages. I followed many vipassana meditation retreats and practiced the Buddhist lifestyle.


From 1994 until 2006 I was teacher of many therapeutic treatments (called royal massage in Thailand) at the Phanat Nikhom hospital in Chonburi in Thailand. 


In 2007 I got the request to lay a basis for meditation and Thai healing massage in Belgium. Immediately I felt a deep yes inside. Giving is in my blood and this was the perfect way for me to share my experience with people who were born in another culture.