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Retreat: vipassana meditation, silence and eutony

2020: 5 days silence retreat < 14-18 febuary>

Would it be fantastic if you could get away for a few days and have some absolute peace and quiet? Being in a natural setting away from the city, work, stress and responsibilities can make a big difference. You will feel true peace and freedom when your inner and outer world are silent. 


Vipassana, which means to see the things as they really are, is one of the most ancient techniques of meditation. Vipassana means insight. By practicing meditation, you see the things as they are. In contrast to the very precise and structured way to practice vipassana, as in some monasteries is performed, you can discover vipassana on a natural way. It’s possible to reach the same state without living as an ascetic or hermit. But it remains a difficult process. Commitment and dedication are needed.  

Eutony will help you to balance the tensions in your body and to move with ease. 

Vipassana meditation

One of the biggest problems people have with meditation is the assumption that it requires emptying your mind entirely. It’s not about clearing your mind. It’s about focusing on one thing long enough. When the mind wanders, the meditation isn’t a failure. Our brain is like a wayward puppy, out of control. Catching it and putting it back to the object of focus is the meditation. Meditation is possible at any time, like when you are eating or walking. Do you want to become good in meditation? The key for this is practice. 

I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t like more peace, focus and clarity in their life. All this is possible through meditation. Did you know that even a big company like Google has mediation rooms and courses? Meditation is where we let mindfulness meet our life on a daily basis. Then we are aware in our lives and out of this, we begin to see more clearly. So we can live a meaningful life. A meaningful life is one of generosity, kindness, patience, effort, concentration and wisdom which we receive by meditation. 

People obtain short happiness by material things. They believe that materialism can give an answer on everything. By gathering more and more, people try to surround themselves with more security and safety. But they are not aware of the fact that they create more fear and insecurity in this way. They don’t see that the more they acquire, the greater the charge will be. Life becomes hard and lonely. The distrust becomes greater. They are afraid of themselves, of the other and of each other. Life is more than money and power. Balance is the key for a happy and healthy life. To create balance, we need discipline and we have to remember the truth of life which is love. Each of us is born out of love. We still have to learn how to love ourselves. We have to put ourselves on the first place. We need to develop the understanding of the word “balance”. Not too much and not too little.  


There is a world of difference between knowing your intellectually, and being able to sense it. Eutony invites you to go on this journey. The word eutony, from the Greek “eu” means well and “tonos” means tension, expresses the idea of well-balanced tension. The objective of eutony is to balance the tensions in your body, move with ease and become more attuned to one's surroundings. The essence of eutony lies in an attitude of awareness of oneself, in contact with others, and with all manifestations of life. We learn to observe the finest sensations experienced in the body, from the outer boundary of the skin to the inner space of the bones, joints and vital organs, at rest and in movement, and in relationship with the surroundings. Our body, our whole being, is shaped by our life experiences into attitudes which can become fixed, painful or simply inefficient. We may be out of touch with our body, out of touch with our feelings. By eutony you will understand the feelings of your body, in all its parts and as a whole. You will understand how it works. By practicing eutony you discover the beauty and subtlety of your own organism, the perfection of its shape, its capacity for regeneration and adaptation. You will become more open to the wonders of life itself. You will learn how to trust the wisdom of your own body. You will enjoy a new sense of freedom. 

Practical information


The vipassana mediation will be taught by myself. Greta Enckels, who is part of the didactic-pedagogical team of the Flemish eutony school, will teach you eutony.


Het Lotushuis, Zoerleberg 30, 2230 Westerlo


.......€ for the retreat with a double room and vegetarian meals

Maximum 16 participants

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