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Course: Therapeutic Thai acupressure massage

22/09/2018 - 22/02/2020: 12 days on 2 years

Do you want to know how you can treat complaints such as pain in the lower back, in the shoulder, in the neck or in the hip? Do you want to help people with headache, arthrosis or constipation? Do you want to learn how you can help people suffering from a burnout? You will learn all these aspects in the course "Therapeutic Thai acupressure massage". This course exists of two parts:

- Part 1: Thai anatomy and hermit stretching yoga

- Part 2: Treatments for acute and chronic complaints

The total course length is 12 days on 2 years. It's possible to follow one of the two parts. You receive a reduction of 150€ when you subscribe for part 1 and 2.


After the course you will receive the certificate "Therapist in healing acupressure treatment”. 

Part 1: Thai anatomy and hermit stretching yoga

Thai anatomy

A therapist in healing acupressure treatment requires a basic understanding of anatomy. You have to know how the body works. You will learn the structure of the body and the relationship between the structures. You will also discover the structural and functional changes associated with diseases. 

We have 72.000 energy lines that line the frame of our physical body, called “Sen” in Thailand. These 72.000 energy lines move through our body via the 10 major life energy channels, known as “sen sib”. Our vital life force travels through these channels. Due to physical injuries, bad posture, stress, emotional trauma, etc., this energy can get trapped or blocked, causing pain or illness. Unblocking this energy flow results in improved health.  

In this course we focus on sen sib, the 10 major life energy channels. You will learn in depth these channels and their specific relation with our organs and muscles. To stimulate the life energy, it’s sufficient to massage these 10 channels. Blockages will be removed and prevents that diseases develop or worsen. 


Hermit stretching yoga

Wind in nature is movement. The health and harmony of the body depend on the smooth flow of internal wind within the body. The internal wind is stuck in the body during long periods of sitting and inactivity. The most effective way to remove stuck wind and to keep wind in balance is through the practice of Reusi Dutton. Reusi means hermit which refers to the ascetic hermits living and practicing in the Himalayas around 500 BC. Dutton means self-stretching exercises.


The aim of hermit stretching yoga is not the agility of the body. The goal of the exercises is to massage the body from the inside. Some poses will be done by lying or sitting on a yoga mat. Other stretches will be performed standing. Balance and equilibrium are important aspects. Not only physically but also in spirit. By being fully concentrated on the correct application of the exercise and in harmony with the breathing, you can see the hermit stretching yoga as a form of meditation. The mind will follow the concentration of the body and becomes calmer. It’s recommended as prevention of disease symptoms and complaints. You will learn specific exercises for many complaints. 

Part 2: treatments for acute and chronic complaints

You will learn how to treat specific acute and chronic complaints. For each treatment you need to have the knowledge of sen sib, the 10 major life energy channels. The core of this course is practice. You will get the occasion to practice under my supervision. 


I learn you to treat the following complaints:

  • pain in the knee

  • heavy feeling in the arm

  • lower back pain

  • heavy legs

  • headache

  • migraine

  • neck pain

  • shoulder pain and frozen shoulder

  • tennis and golf elbow

  • arthritis

Practical information


Part 1: 22/09/2018, 24/11/2018, 26/01/2019 and 23/03/2019 from 10h30 until 17h30

Part 2: 27/04/2019, 25/05/2019, 27/07/2019, 28/09/2019, 26/10/2019, 25/01/2020 and 22/02/2020 from 10h30 until 17h30


Part 1: 520€ exclusive VAT

Part 2: 780€ exlcusive VAT

You receive a reduction of 150€ when you subscribe for part 1 and 2.


SILOAM, Holsteenweg 17, 3520 Zonhoven

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